Upgrade to 656 !

Around November 2016 SPORTident posted the latest version of the SI-Config+, along with a new firmware version (656). As there are known deficiencies in firmware versions 623 and 649, it is strongly recommended to upgrade any controls with 600-series firmware to 656.

Firmware 614 withdrawn

Firmware 614 had to be withdrawn due to a problem it introduced in handling SI-5 finger sticks.  It is suggested to downgrade any existing controls with 614 if SI-5 compatibility is required.  I will post more information once it becomes available.

Important to upgrade firmware

With the arrival of SI-10 and SI-11 finger sticks amongst orienteers, it is important for the people maintaining club SI equipment to insure that the firmware is up to date with the latest firmware. Version 5.74 has been available for over a year now and should by now be installed on all controls. This page will be updated shortly with a link to a detailed explanation on how to upgrade the firmware in your controls. Check back within an hour.

Firmware Version 574

574 has been out for quite a while now and has shown itself to be robust and reliable.  All SPORTident users need to upgrade to this version.  You can download the latest SI-Boot which comes with Firmware Version 574 from SPORTident’s website in Germany (here), or mirrored from this blog (here).  Please contact me if you encounter any issues using it. Also, version 574 is required for the new SI-10 timing card. Release notes: 574 improved speed and robustness in station memory routines SI-Card6 readout improved BSM7-USB...

Update to new Firmware 5.68 released

An update of SI_Boot has been released which mainly includes firmware loads for the Sprint, Printer and Download controls. The installer program SI_Boot also has some minor bugs fixed.   The new SI_Boot is available from (click here) or from my site (here).

New firmware 5.68 released

SPORTident has released version 5.68 for SPORTident controls BSF-7 & BSF-8 as a replacement to all prior firmware versions.  All controls should be updated to this firmware. As many of you are aware, V5.59 had the stadium control bug which caused the batteries in stadium controls (Clear/Check/Start/Finish/Download) to be drained sooner under certain conditions.  V5.65 was released in the spring, but withdrawn again due to a different issue. Unfortunately the download control and the printer control cannot yet be updated to version 5.68.  I will update this page as soon as I get a timeline on the availability...

Firmware 5.65 temporarily withdrawn

SPORTident in Germany announced that controls should not be upgraded to 5.65 for the moment.  I had a conversation with the head of SPORTident, and here’s a summary: “SPORTident apologizes for this development; at a recent O-meet in Lisbon, Portugal, some errors were reported that are being investigated. We expect this to take some days. “5.59 was stable, except for the Stadium Control bug, so 5.65 was released in December. Now, three months later, these reports have been raised that need to be looked into. It is therefore advised to hold off upgrading from 5.59 until the matter...

New Firmware, links to installation instructions

Exciting times!  A new firmware package has been released for the following controls: BSF7-D Control BSF8-Dx Control BS8-D Master BS7-P Printout BSM-7 Download.  I will document here how to install and use it over the next few days, in the meantime here are the links to the files: SI-Config V2.0.9 ...

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