Printer and printer control

Printer and printer control

New printer set

SPORTident is using a new printer in its printer and school sets. And this printer has two features that make it worth considering: It takes standard thermal paper rolls, available in business supply stores The batteries are normal AA rechargeable NiMH batteries.  Easy to replace when they wear out, a spare set can also be carried to insure that the battery doesn’t run dry before the end of an event. I’ve been using it a bit today and I like it.  It feels solid.  It might...

What the Printer Control BS7-P does

The printer control BS7-P is a great device for school events, training events or anything that doesn’t require any registration.  It helps if the participants all own an SI-6 or higher finger stick, with their name stored in the finger stick. In this training example we have set up two courses, and five people are participating: Donald, Hewey, Dewey, Louie and Scrooge.  Donald and Scrooge, as adults, are doing one course of 6 controls (201 – 206), while the triplets are doing the shorter course, with just four controls (211 – 214).  Before the event Make...

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