Repair Prices

As the cost of replacement parts has increased, it has become necessary to re-evaluate the cost of repairs to any SI control.  Specifically we adjusted the base cost of opening / resealing a control. Please see our Repair Info page for details.

Upgrade to 656 !

Around November 2016 SPORTident posted the latest version of the SI-Config+, along with a new firmware version (656). As there are known deficiencies in firmware versions 623 and 649, it is strongly recommended to upgrade any controls with 600-series firmware to 656.

Some more details on battery conditions

In a previous post I mentioned that if the voltage drops below 3.3V [see addendum at end], it indicates that battery end-of-life is getting close.  I briefly want to elaborate on this. Below is a diagram of the battery discharge based on current draw. It is published by the battery manufacturer, for the battery installed in BSF-8 controls (BSF-7 batteries have similar looking profiles).  As  can be seen, the voltage level is extremely stable and only drops off near the end of the battery’s life.  The green curve best describes the SI control’s profile when...

BSF6 and single-cell lithium batteries

SPORTident now uses single-cell lithium batteries to replace BSF6 batteries instead of Alcaline triple cell packs as originally shipped.  The lithium batteries last much longer than the original packs, and the voltage stays within range until almost the end of the battery’s life. There are two aspects that need to be considered.  1) As stated elsewhere, there are three indications of battery well-being for lithium batteries.  One is the actual battery voltage which is somewhere between 3.3V and 3.7V.  A lithium battery maintains this voltage for most of the battery’s life, but then drops quickly off –...

Getting your units repaired

Most of the time any SPORTident control repairs require nothing more than replacing the battery.  I strongly urge you not to try it yourself: the batteries need to be the exact type, and we insure that the units are properly waterproofed with new o-ring seals after soldering the replacement battery in place. By the way, the battery in a BSF8 should last 4 – 6 years (and the older BSF7 will last 5 - 8 years) depending on usage. To get a unit repaired, contact me for the shipping address, ship via postal service, and if...

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