MeOS–download a second time

For minor events a competitor should be allowed to go back on course and fix an error so they are not disqualified.  The main goal is satisfied participants. However, MeOS doesn’t make it that easy to download an SI a second time.  Here’s how to do it: In the Competitors section, click on the subsection Manage Cards. Find the card of the user who wants to download a second time and double-click the entry.  This brings up a sub-window where the card can be moved to another user, or made “Unpaired”. Click...

Timing a GOAT race with MeOS

A Goat race is anorienteering race format where the competitor is allowed to skip one control without penalty (Some background and interesting history about the Billygoat format here and here – especially PG’s entry starting with “tradition” on the attackpoint page). Anyways, if you want to compute results with MeOS where one missed control does not cause a mispunch, you need to declare a custom result calculation, which is done from the Lists tab: (click on image for full size) Name the module and identifier as you wish.  Pay attention to the Edit rule for...

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