August 2014 Entries

Removing unused COM numbers

Every time a USB device that represents a COM port (such as the BSF-7-USB) is plugged into a different USB port of a computer, a new COM number will be assigned.  If you change USB hubs there’s a whole new set of USB ports!. Eventually there are no numbers left below 16, but SI-Config needs the COM number to be below 16. The following trick allows you to clean up the unused COM ports: First start a Command Prompt session in Administrator mode (right-click on the Command Prompt link in Start Menu | All Programs | Accessories,...

Make sure your controls have up-to-date firmware

The SI-10 and SI-11 finger sticks have now been available for two years, and the firmware that is needed in the controls for these fingersticks has been available for just as long. Pleas insure that your controls are up-to-date.  The current firmware is 5.80.  There are no known problems with this release.

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