New Firmware, links to installation instructions

Exciting times!  A new firmware package has been released for the following controls:

  • BSF7-D Control
  • BSF8-Dx Control
  • BS8-D Master
  • BS7-P Printout
  • BSM-7 Download. 

I will document here how to install and use it over the next few days, in the meantime here are the links to the files:

SI-Config V2.0.9 Download 3.2Mb
SI-Boot V2.0.2 Download 2.5Mb
Firmware V5.65 Download 400kb

Note: An issue is being researched – so the firmware has been removed until further notice. [2010-03-01]

Click here for instructions on installing SI-Config.

Click here for instructions on installing SI-Boot and Firmware.

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