March 2015 Entries

New firmware is out: Version 618

An improved firmware has been released, with an issue using SI-5 sticks resolved. Now all the great new features of the 600 Series of firmware is available again. You can get the latest SI-Boot software to install this firmware at this address:

The LCD screen with 600 series firmware

When a unit is started with the SERVICE/OFF key, a lot of information is shown on the LCD screen.  Seven key units are shown for three seconds each, cyclically. Here’s a description of each unit of information, in order: 1. What the unit is programmed as.  If it’s a regular control, it will show like the sample on the right. Other possibilities are START, CLEAR, FINISH, etc. 2. Time of day   3. Next it shows how many minutes the unit will be idling awake before going to sleep.  In this example, the unit will go to sleep 4...

Firmware 618 has been released

SPORTident has released a new firmware for the BSF7 and BSF8 family of controls.  This includes the standard controls, the download controls, as well as the specialty (master, printer and the sprint) controls. As always, try it on a few controls to make sure everything works as expected.  As this release is a fix from the previously released 614, I expect few if any issues. What’s changed This new firmware has many new features, improvements and fixes over version 580.  Here’s a list: Use of these controls with Air+ and SIAC finger sticks....

Firmware 614 withdrawn

Firmware 614 had to be withdrawn due to a problem it introduced in handling SI-5 finger sticks.  It is suggested to downgrade any existing controls with 614 if SI-5 compatibility is required.  I will post more information once it becomes available.

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