Firmware Version 574

574 has been out for quite a while now and has shown itself to be robust and reliable.  All SPORTident users need to upgrade to this version.  You can download the latest SI-Boot which comes with Firmware Version 574 from SPORTident’s website in Germany (here), or mirrored from this blog (here).  Please contact me if you encounter any issues using it.

Also, version 574 is required for the new SI-10 timing card.

Release notes:


  • improved speed and robustness in station memory routines
  • SI-Card6 readout improved
  • BSM7-USB plug-in detection improved
  • introduced SIAC compatibility


  • corrects power consumption error in stadium controls
  • data transfer modes improved
  • This version is not qualified for BSM7 and BS7-P.


  • improves stability in SI stations in case of higher discharged batteries
  • inadvertently introduced stadium control power consumption issue

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