The LCD screen with 600 series firmware

When a unit is started with the SERVICE/OFF key, a lot of information is shown on the LCD screen.  Seven key units are shown for three seconds each, cyclically.

Here’s a description of each unit of information, in order:

cn_thumb1. What the unit is programmed as.  If it’s a regular control, it will show like the sample on the right. Other possibilities are START, CLEAR, FINISH, etc.

time_thumb2. Time of day


3. Next it shows how many minutes the unit will be idling awake before going to sleep.  In this example, the unit will go to sleep 4 hours after the last user punched the control. We consider 2 hours (120) a good number for day-to-day operation, and 4 hours when the control is used in an important A meet.

sw4. The version # of the software.  It is a good idea to follow this web blog; I will advise when the software should be uploaded.  618 is the latest version in March 2015.

PunchCount5. The number of punches that are currently recorded in this control.

bat_thumb6.The current battery voltage.  When it drops below 3.15V (315), time is nearing for a battery replacement.


cap_thumb7. Consumption of the battery.  A brand-new battery will have a consumption of 0, while 100 is typically an exhausted battery.  But this value is a computed approximation, not the actual level. The example on the right shows that the battery has consumed approximately 24% of its power.

While the unit is in this Service mode, current use is higher than normal.  It is advised to turn the unit off after inspecting these values; however the unit automatically turns itself off after 10 minutes in Service mode.

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