Firmware 618 has been released

SPORTident has released a new firmware for the BSF7 and BSF8 family of controls.  This includes the standard controls, the download controls, as well as the specialty (master, printer and the sprint) controls.

As always, try it on a few controls to make sure everything works as expected.  As this release is a fix from the previously released 614, I expect few if any issues.

What’s changed

This new firmware has many new features, improvements and fixes over version 580.  Here’s a list:

  • Use of these controls with Air+ and SIAC finger sticks. A follow-up article will discuss Air+ and the use of existing BSF7/8 with the Air+system.
  • The SI Time Master has a new mode “Standard Master”, which will restore the configuration of the device being sync’d if this configuration has been backed up in advance with SI-ConfigPlus (more on SI-ConfigPlus in a future article).
  • When using a PC to set the time of a remote device (not direct connect), the direct-connected device will also get its time set.  This allows higher accuracy in the time-setting algorithm to the remote device.
  • If a control is used with an fCard, the extended protocol flag will automatically be set in the control on the first fCard punch.
  • The display information on the LCD has been updated.
  • SI-6 finger stick handling has been improved.
  • A start control can now also be a start clock