Interpreting the LCD screen info

When a unit is started with the SERVICE/OFF key, a lot of information is shown on the LCD screen.  Nine key units are shown for three seconds each, cyclically.

Here’s a description of each unit of information, in order:

cn 1. What the unit is programmed as.  If it’s a regular control, it will show like the sample on the right. Other possibilities are START, CLEAR, FINISH, etc.

time 2. Time of day


off 3. Next it shows how many minutes the unit will be idling awake before going to sleep.  In this example, the unit will go to sleep 4 hours after the last user punched the control. We consider 2 hours (120) a good number for day-to-day operation, and 4 hours when the control is used in an important A meet.

sw 4. The version # of the software.  It is a good idea to follow this web blog; I will advise when the software should be uploaded.  580 is the latest version in January 2015.

boot 5. The bootloader version.  This is always 5.  The bootloader is the piece of code that allows you to update the software (see #4, above)

hw 6. The hardware type.  8198 is a BSF-8, while a BSF-7 is 8197.


bat 7.The current battery voltage.  When it drops below 3.15V (315), time is nearing for a battery replacement.



cap 8. Consumption of the battery.  A brand-new battery will have a consumption of 0, while 100 is typically an exhausted battery.  But this value is a computed approximation, not the actual level. The example on the right shows that the battery has consumed approximately 24% of its power.


sn 9. Finally, the serial number of the device.  This number matches the sticker visible in the device.

While the unit is in this Service mode, current use is higher than normal.  It is advised to turn the unit off after inspecting these values; however the unit automatically turns itself off after 10 minutes in Service mode.

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