How many punches can a control hold?

I’ve been asked recently how many punches a control can hold, and what happens when that number is reached.  The information in the BSF-7 / BSF-8 product brochure is a bit unclear, so I asked SPORTident directly, and here’s the answer:

If it’s a regular control, not a download control or a printer control, it can hold a maximum of 21802 punches. If more are punched, then the oldest are overwritten as new ones are added to the control.

If it’s a download or a printer control, where the entire list of punches on an SI-Card are stored in the control, the maximum that control can hold is approximately 1000 SI-Cards.  This depends on which SI-Cards it holds, as the contents SI-10 and SI-11 takes up more memory than the contents of an SI-8 card.  The download control also overwrites the oldest downloaded SI-Card contents as the next SI-Card is downloaded.

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