Getting your units repaired

Most of the time any SPORTident control repairs require nothing more than replacing the battery. 

I strongly urge you not to try it yourself: the batteries need to be the exact type, and we insure that the units are properly waterproofed with new o-ring seals after soldering the replacement battery in place.

By the way, the battery in a BSF7 or BSF8 should last 3 – 5 years depending on usage.

To get a unit repaired, contact me for the shipping address, ship via postal service, and if you ship from outside Canada, please clearly mark on the box: To be returned after repairs.

Please be advised that all delivery charges including brokerage fees for packages sent to SPORTident in Canada will be your responsibility.  Courier companies (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc) charge brokerage fees based on the stated value of the package, while the postal service only charges if items are imported.  To save you money, please do not use a courier service.  Contact me at if you have any further questions.

Controls have a 2 year warranty; SI cards (finger sticks) a 5 year warranty.

Out-of-warranty Repair fees:

Type of Repair Fee
SI-Card repair $10
Battery replacement (BSF-7, BSF-8, etc) $22
Battery replacement (BSF-4, BSF-6, etc) $25
Other repair (parts included) $35
Replacement of internal BSF3/4/6 board with BSF7 or replacement of BSF7 or BSF8 board (includes new battery) $100

Additionally we will add on the shipping fee, which is typically $15 (Alaska and Hawaii would likely be more).  We invoice via PayPal, which means you get an invoice from PayPal which you can pay with a credit card or e-cheque. Please contact me for alternate arrangements.

Taxes: Note that GST/HST will be added to all Canadian repairs.

[2010-02-06: Fixed email address]
[2010-03-01: Changed price for BSF-6 and older batteries]
[2010-03-12: Note about taxes]
[2010-04-01: Courier fees]
[2010-07-08: New tax rules in Canada]
[2011-05-24: Replacing a board wording change]
[2015-11-10: Price increase on battery change]

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