Installation and use of SI_Boot

New installation or upgrade of SI_Boot

Download SI_Boot from here, or find it at  Double-click on the downloaded program to start the installer.

SI_Boot Installation Program

Follow the usual directions to install the program.  At the end of the installation you will have an icon on your desktop that looks like this:


Using SI_Boot

Make sure you have the driver for your download control installed, and attach your SI download control before starting the SI_Boot program.  When you first start the program it might display a window where you have to select the COM port where your download control is attached. 

This is what the main window of SI_Boot looks like:


Turn on the control to be upgraded with the SERVICE/OFF key and place it on the download control (don’t forget the coupler).  Click the second button, or press the Enter key, to start the download of the firmware.  The screen will look like this:


As you can see, the title of the window shows the serial number of the control being updated, and that the firmware is being updated from V5.59 to V5.68.  The progress bar shows how long it will take for the download to complete.

Once the download is completed, the control should beep twice.  This will tell you that the station has successfully installed the new version.  But it has lost the time & date settings.  So after you have heard the two beeps, press OK


Pressing OK will store the time & date in the control.  After this another dialog pops up, telling you that the installation has completed.


At this stage the updated control can be removed from the download control.  Use the SERVICE / OFF key to turn off the control.

Note that the Enter key can be used whenever a button needs to be pushed.

[2010-10-01: Updated link to download of version 2.1.1]

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