Using SI-Print in 2016

So it seems that SI-Print (version 2.0.2) doesn’t work anymore – at least not in Windows 10 with the printer control directly connected.  I could not talk to it successfully when directlyimage connected to the computer with a USB-to-Serial cable and then through a null-modem (the grey cable with a female 9-pin socket at either end). 

SI-Print just wouldn’t work.  SI-Config+ talked to it just fine, and a terminal emulator showed me that the printer control sent the correct data.

But there is a solution.  SI-Print does work when a download control is connected, and the printer control is accessed as Remote.  You can’t use SI-Print to test yimageour layout, but you can leave your printer connected to the printer control and test on the printer itself.




Below are the settings I specified (follow your printer specifications, and type a percent - % to code the ESC character), and the finished goods, below.




The printer specific codes for the current SPORTident printer (MCP7830 by Martel) can be downloaded at

Make sure to use the tables on page 5 (RS232 mode).

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