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Removing unused COM numbers

Every time a USB device that represents a COM port (such as the BSF-7-USB) is plugged into a different USB port of a computer, a new COM number will be assigned.  If you change USB hubs there’s a whole new set of USB ports!.

Eventually there are no numbers left below 16, but SI-Config needs the COM number to be below 16.

The following trick allows you to clean up the unused COM ports:

First start a Command Prompt session in Administrator mode (right-click on the Command Prompt link in Start Menu | All Programs | Accessories, and select Run As Administrator).

type in the following commands:

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

start devmgmt.msc

Once the device manager starts up, there’s an extra menu item in the View submenu.

Select it so that the checkmark is there.


Now expand the Ports (COM & LPT) section to see all COM ports.

Now you can select an extra COM port, and uninstall it.


I do not delete the drivers for the device:


Insure you don’t delete anything important!  You’re in charge, I’m not. 

After I deleted all the SPORTident USB to UART Bridges, I inserted my BSF-7-USB, and the computer now had to re-install the driver (but I didn’t have to download it again).  Once the installation was done (took about a minute), I now have it installed on COM4.  All is good!

[Thanks to for coming up with this trick]

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Wednesday, August 06, 2014 #

Make sure your controls have up-to-date firmware

The SI-10 and SI-11 finger sticks have now been available for two years, and the firmware that is needed in the controls for these fingersticks has been available for just as long.

Pleas insure that your controls are up-to-date.  The current firmware is 5.80.  There are no known problems with this release.

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Friday, September 28, 2012 #

Important to upgrade firmware

With the arrival of SI-10 and SI-11 finger sticks amongst orienteers, it is important for the people maintaining club SI equipment to insure that the firmware is up to date with the latest firmware. Version 5.74 has been available for over a year now and should by now be installed on all controls. This page will be updated shortly with a link to a detailed explanation on how to upgrade the firmware in your controls. Check back within an hour.

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SI-10 and SI-11 now available

The latest (and greatest!) finger stick chips are now available from your SPORTident dealer. Both the SI-10 and SI-11 have a data transfer time of 60ms, which is double as fast as the SI-6 that they replace. Also, they can hold up to 128 controls, again double what an SI-6 could manage. Yet the price is essentially unchanged. In addition the SI-11 will confirm a successful control punch, by showing a blinking light in the tip of the control.